Weekly Happenings

Words to Live by Speaker Series - Every Friday at 6:00pm


Host a Bash

We’ve got the right space for a good time.

It’s intimate, unique, plus boasts the best selection of bevvies on the central coast.



Book Babi’s, Casa Dumetz, or book them both for private events.

MONDAY- THURSDAY: For a 4 hour time block for a private event:  $1000 for entire space. Full service staff.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY:  For a 4 hour time block for a private event:  $1000 per side.  Full service staff.  

Additional beer, wine, sodas and food are purchased individually and arranged in advance to suit your needs perfectly. 

Please contact Sonja @ smee@casadumetzwines.com for additional information. Always happy to learn more.

Remember, you can always show up in a large group, too!

Catering to people who are “particular?”

Don’t like beer? We’ve got wine. Don’t drink wine? We’ve got cider. And around it goes, you get the idea.

We are people pleasers.


(dim) SAMA at Babi’s

 Starting at $25 per person for a yummy homemade 2 hour food service just for you. Let’s have some fun creating a menu just for you. 

Special requests can always be accommodated.  

sama 1.jpg

To reserve your space or for any and all questions, please contact us.

No food or outside beverages please.